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Back in 1927 movie theatres didn’t have concession stands in their lobbies. In order to satisfy movie-goers who wanted to eat a good meal before seeing a film, a family restaurant and soda fountain opened up next door to the Egyptian Theatre. This new hotspot quickly became one of Hollywood’s most celebrated eateries – the world-famous Pig ‘N Whistle!

The Pig ‘N Whistle opened its doors on July 22, 1927. Its stylish design and fanciful hand-carved wood décor by renowned architects Morgan, Walls & Clements made it an instant favorite with the movie colony as well as the local citizenry. Connected to the forecourt of the Egyptian Theatre by a side entrance, the Pig ‘N Whistle quickly became the place for stars to gather before and after movie premieres and discuss the industry over a few drinks. Stars such as Shirley Temple, Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable and Loretta Young were regulars, enjoying the restaurant’s wide range of menu items and soda fountain offerings. Household names like Cary Grant, Jane Wyman or Walter Pidgeon could often be spotted at the Pig ‘N Whistle having lunch and reading the local paper or enjoying dinner after a glamorous evening at the Egyptian.

Highlighted by hand-painted decorative tiles, featuring The Pig ‘N Whistle logo of a dancing, flute-playing pig, elaborate carved wood ceilings and an ornate organ, the original restaurant featured a colorfully stenciled Italian Renaissance dining hall and a balcony for private parties and a baronial banquet room. Since undergoing restoration in 1999, the restaurant has finally returned to it’s former glory and currently stands as one of the most notable remaining relics of Old Hollywood. Staying true to its roots, the Pig ‘N Whistle still offers both visitors and locals alike a place to unwind, relax, and enjoy. We hope you’ll come by and join us!

The Pig ‘N Whistle Hollywood

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